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Marvejols/Cockermouth, twin torches --
Your destinies were united in 1989,
Honored by Europe, in a salute to new blood
By this flag of honor bearing an emblem of belonging.

Already for six years, it was just a matter of a trip
To fish for salmon and visit the Lakes,
Or to tease the trout in a ramble across the Aubrac,
And to remain astonished by this other shore.

The tongues are wagging, fluent in varied accents:
You are familiar with the Beast, the one from Gvaudan,
Worn down by rust and wind
As much as by our dulled and lifeless spirits.

Near the Lake District, on Scottish soil,
Not the ones near here, hidden in Loch Ness,
Our local Nessie, specialty of the dining hall,
Yields mouth-watering dreams without being too ferocious.

Each in his way demonstrates for his land,
Heard and understood, happy to receive
A different guest without ever perceiving
An appearance due only to money or merit.

To perfect these links, this honeymoon
Beyond the horizon, the skies and their glow,
On this banner of stars its place will yield
The truite salmone to the Rainbow Trout.